Incident Management

The incident management solution delivers a simple method to record and manage all incidents, including injuries, near misses, environmental incidents and property damages. It also allows for detailed assessment of incidents to enable the necessary corrective actions to be identified.

The solution also provides a complete claim management process to record and report on each stage of a claim and its associated return to work plan.

The incident management solution automatically links all relevant staff, risk and asset information with incident reports.


Features Features

  •  Trends Analysis
  •  Claims Process Monitor
  •  Lost Time Injury Frequency rates
  •  Corrective Action Plan
  •  Incident Reporting
  •  Incident Assessment
  •  Claims Management
  •  Injury Management
  •  Return to Work Management
  •  Incident Dashboard

Benefits Benefits


  •  Real-time monitoring and recording of entire organisation’s incidents
  •  Simplified online reporting of incidents
  •  Automated escalation of incidents by type and severity
  •  Comprehensive incident assessment
  •  Assignment and prioritisation of corrective actions
  •  Management of claims process
  •  Creation of interactive injury and return to work plans
  •  Comprehensive statistics, reporting and trends analysis
  •  Ability to add external documentation / photos
  •  Highly customisable data collection forms

Ease of Use

  •  Multi-level management and access
  •  Interactive approach to incident management
  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Online training and support
  •  Real-time access from any location
  •  Mobile and RFID enabled
  •  Email and TXT message notifications
  •  Business rules driven notifications