Asset Management

The asset management solution provides a complete register of all key assets within an organisation and also allows monitoring of conditions and scheduling of inspections and maintenance.

Testing and maintenance records can be conveniently accessed via Q-TAPs (RFID technology) and mobile apps.

The asset management solution is integrated with risk management allowing specific risks, controls and safety procedures to be associated with each asset.


Features Features

  •  Vehicle Register
  •  Plant Register
  •  Safety Equipment Register
  •  Electrical Equipment Register
  •  Lifting Equipment Register
  •  Classified Equipment Register
  •  Asset Condition Reports
  •  Automated, multi-level notifications
  •  Customisable pre-start inspections for :
    •  Vehicles
    •  Plant
    •  Machinery
    •  Equipment

Benefits Benefits


  •  Real-time monitoring and audit of entire organisation’s assets
  •  Proactive scheduling of inspection and maintenance activities
  •  Simplified online test and service recording
  •  Ability to add external documentation / photos
  •  Automated faults escalation
  •  Assignment and prioritisation of corrective actions
  •  Comprehensive, automatic reports
  •  Improved efficiency due to centralised and simplified management
  •  Reduces costs for procurement of assets
  •  Highly customisable data collection forms

Ease of Use

  •  Centralised management of organisation’s assets
  •  Multi-level management and access
  •  Interactive approach to asset management
  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Online training and support
  •  Real-time access from any location
  •  Email and TXT message notifications
  •  Business rules driven notifications