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WHS MONITOR™ is a truly integrated Multi Module System
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WHS MONITOR™ caters to all business sizes, with a plan tailored to meet your needs.
Small Business
Small Business
Suitable for businesses of 0-15 employees with under 5 premises
Enterprise Business
Suitable for businesses of over 15 employees with over 5 premises

WHS Modules

Risk Management

The risk management module facilitates the identification of workplace hazards, quantifies the risks and prioritises the necessary corrective actions. By utilising flexible templates, any task-based or hazard-based assessments, including Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) can be prepared.

The solution provides a simple-to-use tool to conduct rapid site risk assessments to identify hazards and prioritise risk, automatically creating risk registers for the organisation.

The solution provides dashboards to display all risk management activities undertaken and provide real-time statistics through flexible and comprehensive reporting functionality. It monitors the progress of all corrective actions and allows the generation of organisation-wide or staff-specific action plans.

The risk management module is integrated with all modules, linking risk assessments to assets, policies, staff, chemicals and incidents.

Features Features

  •  WHS Risks
  •  Environmental Risks
  •  Quality Risks
  •  Corporate Risks
  •  Site/Project Risk Assessments
  •  Enterprise Risk Assessments
  •  Environmental Risk Assessments
  •  Quality Risk Assessments
  •  Task/Hazard Risk Assessments
  •  Chemical Risk Assessments
  •  Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  •  Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  •  Quick Chemical Hazard Assessment Reports (Q-Chart)
  •  Safe Work Procedures (SWP)
  •  Risk Dashboard
  •  Automated, multi-level notifications

Benefits Benefits


  •  Centralised management of organisation’s risks
  •  Simplified online reporting of hazards
  •  Ensures completion of required risk assessments through notifications
  •  Assignment and prioritisation of corrective actions
  •  Ensure all staff complete risk assessments
  •  Automated and flexible reporting
  •  Ability to add external documentation / photos
  •  Highly customisable data collection forms

Ease of Use

  •  Interactive approach to risk management
  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Online training and support
  •  Real-time access from any location
  •  Multi-level management and access
  •  Mobile and RFID enabled
  •  Email and TXT message notifications
  •  Business rules driven notifications

Features only WHS MONITOR offers

WHS Management Plans

Seamless and automated process capable of producing company's WHS and Project Management Plans to ensure full compliance. The systems unique integration between modules enables it to deliver WHS and Project Management plans with higher data integrity and greater efficiency.

BenefitsUse our simple wizard to :

  •  Automatically produces and updates WHS and Project Management Plans in real time
  •  Simplify complex tasks through a guided step by step process
  •  Enable rapid creation of documents for subsequent projects
  •  Delivers WHS and Project Management plans in logical segments or as complete reports


Information Feed

The WHS Monitor™ system promotes increased efficiency and data accuracy by automatically supplying relevant information for WHS from a proprietary database of WHS information. The database contains information, including:

  •  Hazard types
  •  Risk matrices
  •  Pre-populated SWMS
  •  Risk assessments
  •  Chemical information

This enables the WHS Monitor™ system to efficiently deliver a solution based on accurate and up-to-date information. WHS Monitor ™ is the only WHS management system which provides an automated data supply of WHS information.


Chemical Management

All organisations that store or use chemicals are required to comply with stringent legislative, WHS and industry obligations relating to chemicals.

WHS Monitor™ delivers an unmatched, automated chemical management solution for general and industrial chemicals and pesticides. Detailed chemical information about chemical use, storage and handling and pesticide application is automatically supplied by a proprietary database of 7 million records (the largest commercial database of such information in Australia).

As a result, the WHS Monitor™ system simplifies the complex chemical compliance process and enables users to efficiently meet their legal and other industry-specific obligations relating to chemicals.