The reporting tool provides, in real time, monitoring of all key metrics through dashboards and over 100 pre-set dynamic reports.

The dashboard provides users with crucial statistics about key WHS metrics of the organisation, with easy to understand graphical representations.

The system also allows for flexible reporting using an array of parameters to generate in depth reports in real time.


Features Features

  •  Risk Summary
  •  Risk Report Builder
  •  Risk Action Plan
  •  Incident Summary
  •  Incident Report Builder
  •  Claims Management Reporting
  •  Time Series Reports
  •  Incident Action Plan
  •  Training Summary
  •  Training Needs Analysis Matrix
  •  Corrective Actions Summary
  •  Corrective Actions Register

Benefits Benefits


  •  Real-time monitoring and recording of entire organisation’s WHS / OHS Compliance
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Easy to understand graphical summaries
  •  Export of raw data for further analysis
  •  Over 100 pre-set reports
  •  Intuitive user interface

Ease of Use

  •  Centralised reporting
  •  Multi-level access to reporting
  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Online training and support
  •  Real-time access to WHS / OHS statistics