Mobile & Digital Access

WHS Monitor supports external access, in real time, via various digital technologies, to crucial WHS / OHS information contained within the system.

The system covers Mobile Applications, RFID technology and QR Codes.

The WHS Monitor Mobile app allows for reviewing and capturing data in the field, synchronising with the system in real time.

The application is available for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android-based devices.

Q-TAP® (RFID) labels enable users of the WHS Monitor™ system to attach dynamic information to any physical object or information point, for the purpose of capturing relevant data or providing an array of information contained in the system.

The system enables users to create QR-codes which are dynamically linked to an array of data capture forms or information contained in the system.


Features Features

  •  View and Edit WHS / OHS information
  •  Hazard information
  •  Incident Reporting
  •  Chemical information including SDS
  •  Asset records
  •  Audit Forms
  •  Emergency procedures
  •  Safe work procedures
  •  Risk assessments

Benefits Benefits

  •  Instant access for all staff to critical safety information
  •  User license not required
  •  Constantly updated information available to all staff and contractors
  •  No need for hard copies
  •  Increased utilisation of the system by all staff and contractors
  •  Password protection available
  •  No computers required