Human Resources

The human resources solution maintains crucial information relating to each worker, including records relating to training and assessed competencies and tracking completion of required KPI's.

The solution provides a secure profile for each user, making it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective for an organisation to gather, manage and review employee information such as health monitoring records.

The solution integrates worker information with all other sections of the system, allowing for centralised data management.


Features Features

  •  Worker Profiles
  •  Online Induction
  •  KPI Management
  •  Training Needs Analysis
  •  Training Register
  •  Health Monitoring
  •  Corrective Actions Dashboard
  •  Automated, multi-level notifications

Benefits Benefits


  •  Centralised management of worker profiles
  •  Assign and track KPI's set for workers
  •  Proactive scheduling of training and accreditation requirements
  •  Simplified online inductions for staff, contractors and visitors
  •  Ability to add external documentation / photos
  •  Comprehensive, automatic reports
  •  Assignment and prioritisation of corrective actions
  •  Highly customisable data collection forms

Ease of Use

  •  Centralised management of workers
  •  Multi-level management and access
  •  Interactive approach to worker management
  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Online training and support
  •  Real-time access to worker profile summaries via mobile and QR codes
  •  Email and TXT message notifications
  •  Business rules driven notifications