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3-step Work Health and Safety (WHS) compliance check* for all Australian businesses

Step 1

Do you already have a system in place for managing your business’ WHS compliance?

If yes, Is the system that you use:

Unsure about your level of compliance?

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According to Safe Work Australia

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The cost of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy is $61.8 billion

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The number of Australians killed at work in 2019 (to 21 March) is 30

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The total amount of workers’ compensation paid each year for work-related mental health conditions is $543 million

To maintain workplace safety, employers are required to comply with WHS laws, regulations, codes of practice and industry-specific requirements, which are both stringent and complex.

Offences for failing to comply with WHS obligations can result in significant fines and possible imprisonment. Development of sound work and safety practices not only provides a safer working environment for your staff, but also improves productivity and reduces overhead costs.

It is important that businesses have access to appropriate processes and systems for managing compliance with their WHS obligations. Doing so helps ensure that businesses provide safe working environments and mitigate risks that could be detrimental to the business and the industry in which it operates.

* As this WHS compliance check is solely based on your answers to a limited number of WHS compliance audit questions and does not involve a physical audit of the WHS compliance of your business, the results represent a preliminary indication of the possible state of your WHS compliance. We do not take any responsibility for the actual state of your WHS compliance and always recommend that a full WHS compliance audit is carried out.


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